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Hi, I'm Shane Pilster. I work with clients to bring their creative ideas to fruition in print and on the web.

Shane Pilster's Bio:

Hi, my name is Shane Pilster. Since childhood my interest in computers and art and how they both can work together continues to inspire me to this very day. I have worked with ad agencies, non-profits, Fortune 500 companies, artists, musicians, corporate companies, startups, individuals, mural companies… I love all creative opportunities.   82 Concepts is my brand name. It encompasses the many mediums and services that I offer under one roof. Good design, strong use of color theory, clean and elegant typography, clean web code, out of the box creativity, around the clock service, and customer satisfaction are my main goals. The creation of eye catching websites / products / logos / illustrations / photography, and naturally will give you an edge in this highly competitive day and age. My drive to further my knowledge and skills in multiple creative and technical fields allows me to be a one stop shop for most projects. I love creative, innovative, stylized, and original ideas with design, print, art, photography and all creative endeavors. I also love digging into code, building interactive websites, using the latest technology, solving technical issues, and all around just being a nerd for all things technical.   Company Info: 82 Concepts is a boutice creative studio based in Pittsburgh, PA with a focus on everything web related, print design, ad campaigns, branding and general creative projects.   Skills: Ability to combine the skill sets of image creation, color coordination, and font customization in the development of web and graphic design projects. Able to manage multiple projects and multiple deadlines productively. Able to incorporate the latest technology and applications to maximize the interactivity of web sites and refine code for cross browser compatibility. Able to work under pressure quickly to complete deadlines and deliver quality productions. Positive and creative attitude when working in teams or individually to ensure the success of projects. Very comfortable "translating" client ideas into visual reality. Goals:To supersede expectations of my clients, continue to advance technically and creatively, embark on new ventures in creative fields, collaborate with more artists and designers,

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Typography, design, drawing, web design, marketing, advertising, painting, cooking, traveling, photography, street art, reading, working with clients, volunteering for non-profits, creating things

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